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During this year’s Shippax Ferry Shipping Conference on board of the MS Pride of Rotterdam, Managing Director Job Volwater spoke about “Designing your own Ferry”. In front of 400 delegates from the Ferry industry, Mr. Volwater spoke about the opportunities of Ferry Operators to change their current approach on defining and designing a new ferry.

Key take-away from the presentation was that real innovation when designing a vessel starts from scratch. C-Job designs, together with her clients, a technical and financial feasible vessel by assessing requirements, asking the right questions, showing involvement and come with both innovative as qualitative solutions.

C-Job Naval Architects is an independent design office. The C-Job design does not exist. We are serving your team creating your own exclusive design. This way there is no need for consensus and you will get a tailor made design ready to tender at yards.

Do you also want to acquire a tailor made initial or concept design of your future vessel? Please contact us at info@c-job.eu.

Next year the Ferry Shipping Conference 2016 will take place on board Tallink Silja’s SILJA SYMPHONY, sailing between Stockholm – Helsinki – Stockholm, April 13-15. C-Job will be participating, together with 400 other delegates from the ferry industry. 

For more information about the conference, go to the site of Shippax: www.shippax.se


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