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On the 29th of January the first C-Job Symposium was held in Leeuwarden. The symposium was organized by the local naval architecture study association, in Dutch: SV NES which is short for ‘Studievereniging Navigo Ergo Sum’.

The morning started with an interactive workshop where the students were presented with an actual case presented by C-Job Naval Architects. In several groups and with limited time the students had to come to a solution and a rough idea for a new ship. The jury (3 experts from C-Job) judged their ideas. One group was selected winner, for coming up with a bright solution to the case that was executable and close to the solution C-Job came up with.

After the workshop the students where informed by several speakers. Starting out with C-Job’s Design Director Basjan Faber talking about “Efficient use of energy resources on board of ships; a presentation of today’s solutions”. Mr. Faber was followed by Olaf Waals from Marin Offshore who informed everybody about how their current technologies help the designs of the ships of tomorrow.

After a short break Stefan Coronel from Feadship got everybody updated about current innovations in Superyachts. Followed by Jan van der Zee (Conoship) who explained how innovation can bring profitability.

With this Symposium, C-Job has started a new event for Naval Architectrure students in the north of the Netherlands, together with SV NES. We hope to continue this cooperation in the future and we already look forward for the coming years.

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