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In response to growing market demands as well as to attract new employees from a larger geographical area, C-Job has opened new office facilities in Rotterdam. Operational from 1 March 2017, the new premises will be the company’s third office location after the Head Office in Hoofddorp and the Branch Office in Joure.




“One of the main reasons for establishing an office in Rotterdam is to do with our clients,” begins C-Job’s Design Director Basjan Faber. “Rotterdam is home to a real maritime cluster of companies; all the major players are there. Because we want to be close to our current and future clients, it’s a logical step to open an office in this global maritime hotspot.”


“At the same time, we are getting a lot of job enquiries from people who are interested in working for us who live in and around Rotterdam. This new office will give us greater access to these people. In other words; better opportunities to find skilled professionals for our team.


”At the time of opening, the new premises will be the working location for six C-Job engineers; all of whom already live in the Rotterdam area. “The key point is that the people working in the new office are used to working in our head office in Hoofddorp. This means that they are familiar with our methods and procedures, our quality systems and our culture. This is what we are aiming for: to repeat the C-Job culture in the new office.”


A growing business

After the initial start-up phase, C-Job is looking to expand the engineering capacity in Rotterdam to around 30 people. “The idea for the Rotterdam office is to become an independent operating office. They shall have all the main disciplines to perform projects by themselves – project management, and all levels of engineers, for instance.” Heading the new office will be Maarten Veldhuizen, a business manager with substantial experience in the Offshore Wind business, Heavy Lift and oil and gas industry. “Maarten is a very talented technical guy. He is a hard worker and a great leader for his team.”


Broader view

With the expansion to Rotterdam confirmed, C-Job is also exploring the potential for additional offices even further afield. “We have an international focus – we know that we want to expand our team and that the Dutch market is just not big enough,” Basjan states. “Therefore we are looking abroad for possibilities.” While the company currently has sales agents in certain regions of the world, the next step is to found worldwide proposal offices. “Using the same principle as we have used in Rotterdam, we have ideas to copy the C-Job concept to other locations; Spain, Germany and China, for example. As long as we have the projects, the talented people and we are able to guarantee quality, we will continue to expand our business.”



The contact details of the new office are:


C-Job Naval Architects

Lichtenauerlaan 102-120, Rotterdam

M: info@c-job.eu

T: +31 (0)880243700

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