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Concept & Basic Design was done for this 43 meter pusher by C-Job Naval Architects. We are very proud that another project of C-Job Naval Architects is afloat. The Basic Design (Naval/Mechanical Arrangements, Structural Calculations and drawings, Piping Systems configuration and schematics) and the Equipment integration of this Pusher for the Concordia Group was done for the first of this series. In September 2015 the delivery of the 1st pusher took place in South America.

The challenge of these projects is to develop a pusher that can operate in shallow water at even keel and maintain good maneuverability. The pusher is powered by four propellers with a total capacity of more than 6500 HP. To achieve this, a group of specialized manufacturers was put together from Europe and Canada.

Next to this pusher, C-Job was also involved with Concept & Basic Design and Detail Engineering for a larger pusher of the same series with higher specification in cooperation with Concordia Group. This pusher is powered by 2 propellers with a total capacity of more than 7000 HP. The challenge is the same: maintaining maneuverability at even keel in shallow water.

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