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The TESO ferry service establishes the connection between the isle of Texel and the mainland in the North of the netherlands. Quality and reliability are key factors for this succesful ferry service. This is largely dependent on the proper functioning of the own fleet consisting out of two vessels. Therefore TESO ferry services invests approximately every 12.5 years in a new vessel.


How large should this new ferry be? For TESO a survey has been conducted by DTV, a consulting firm in traffic and mobilitiy. DTV has demonstrated that, in order to keep the waiting times limited, an increase of at least 10% of the car capacity was needed. The new ferry should therefore be able to transport more cars.

The onshore mooring facilities, owned by Rijkswaterstaat will not be adapted for the next 50 years. The ferry design could therefore not be made wider. Also the mooring loads should be kept the same.
The challenge of the new design was to increase car capacity, whithout expanding the ship itself.

In the autumn of 2012, C-Job Naval Architects has been invited to the TESO newbuilding team. We provided the naval expert in the TESO team and carried out all design work.
It started with an inventory of needs and ideas gathered by the TESO organization. These wishes and ideas are based on the experience of sailing with the current vessel, the "Doctor Wagemaker". Pleasant and constructive cooperation between the three committees, nautical, technical and Rebotex resulted in an improvement of the design.

The Vripack design office is involved in the project since May 2013 and got responsible for exterior styling and interior design. In addition, Vripack has zoomed in on the internal routing of the expected passenger flows.

At the start of the design process the team explored the possibilities for expanding car capacity within the limits set by the actual onshore mooring arrangement. Many different solutions were suggested; movable decks and roadways to exploit a 'basement' under the lower car deck with lanes but also a third deck on top of the car deck. These concepts were all rejected because of the requirement of keeping weight and lateral surface of the complete vessel equal in comparison to the current vessel.

The solution was found by widening the vessel in the area above the level of the onshore mooring arrangement. As a result the upper car deck and salon were widened resulting in the desired increase in capacity. The two additional lanes, along with an extension of the overall lentgh of 5 meters, gave a capacity increase from 320 cars on the "Dokter Wagemaker" to 380 cars on the new design, "Texelstroom" (2).

Together with expanding capacity and the implementation of wishes and ideas coming from the Dokter Wagemaker, also the sustainability of the ferry has been studied extensively. All aspects of the "Texelstroom" design have been reviewed for their impact on potential fuel savings and reduction of exhaust emissions.This is achieved by optimizing the hull form design to reduce drag, making use of heat recovery and storage and all lighting armatures will be equiped with LED's.

The last and most important step in applying sustainability to the ship was made by installing natural gas engines, in combination with battery packs.This solution has been selected as an alternative for the more conventional fuels such as heavy fuel oil or diesel fuel.

The natural gas is safely stored on board and will reduce CO2 emissions, next to a significant reduction of other pollutants such as NOx, SOx and fine dust particles.

The installed battery pack will shave peaks off in energy-demand and thus provide a cleaner loading on the fuel engines.

The "Texelstroom" (2) will be delivered to TESO around autumn of 2015. This new ship will be an example for quality and sustainability in many ways. From early spring 2016 on the "Texelstroom" will be the vessel that facilitates most of the crossings to the beautiful island Texel.


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