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Accelerated Concept Design



With its research into Accelerated Concept Design, C-Job Naval Architects wants to increase optimisation and automation in the ship design process. The end result will be ships that better meet their design requirements. “It is more than that though,” adds C-Job Naval Architect Thijs Muller. “Accelerated concept design is also about removing uncertainty. About giving ship-owners confidence and reducing their Total Cost of Ownership.” With initial studies complete, the research has so far produced some promising results.




C-Job increases capacity in Middle East & Africa



C-Job Naval Architects is expanding its international presence. Only a few months after opening our new office in Rotterdam, we are now pleased to introduce our new Middle East & Africa representative Bas de Blok.




Ammonia as ship’s fuel: C-Job’s future-proof way of thinking



In terms of fuel, the shipping industry is becoming more and more aware of its impact on the environment. Considering the long-term, what sustainable fuels present viable and realistic possibilities for the maritime sector? One option that is just too promising to be overlooked is ammonia, says C-Job Naval Architect Niels de Vries. “Ammonia is easily sourced and has carbon-free emissions. Furthermore, thanks to the long-standing fertilizer industry, safe working practices are well established.”




Focus on C-Job disciplines: Structural engineering



C-Job Lead Naval Architect Nikos Papapanagiotou is a specialist in the discipline of structural engineering. In talking about how structural engineering influences the whole ship design process, he shows how C-Job combines input from various disciplines to match (and optimise) client requirements. “Each ship type has its own challenges, but challenges are always welcome, and are there to be overcome,” says Nikos.




Texelstroom wins Shippax Ferry Award



The Dutch hybrid CNG-Electric passenger ferry Texelstroom has won the prestigious 2017 Shippax Award. The vessel marks the successful collaboration between owners TESO (Koninklijke N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming), C-Job Naval Architects and Vripack.

Bristling with numerous examples of environmentally friendly technologies, the 135-metre long vessel, built at Spanish shipyard LaNaval, represents a major step forward in sustainable ferry design.




The ins and outs of C-Job’s Building Supervision



C-Job’s Building Supervision is a made-to-measure service that offers support for vessel construction and shipyard management. “We have all the knowledge in-house to achieve this,” says C-Job Project Manager Hans Stoit. “This means we can act quickly to offer practically-driven engineering solutions to any problems that may arise.”




COSCO calls on C-Job for Basic Design of DEME's Orion



C-Job Naval Architects will provide COSCO OFFSHORE CO.Ltd (Qidong) with the Basic Design package for DEME Group’s offshore installation vessel Orion. This contract follows C-Job’s recent conclusion of Orion’s Concept Design. The impressive technical specs of the vessel, to be operated by DEME subsidiary GeoSea, will service offshore wind installation, oil & gas and decommissioning activities.




C-Job restructures management to accommodate Team Akzo Nobel in the Volvo Ocean Race



To continue its commitment to client-focused ship design and engineering services, C-Job Naval Architects is reorganising its management team. As of 1 March 2017, Basjan Faber will replace Job Volwater as the company’s Managing Director. Mr Volwater will move into the position of Commercial Director. The reason behind the restructuring is that Mr Volwater has accepted the position of Team Akzo Nobel Sailing Director for the duration of the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race..




Next generation Offshore Wind installation vessel ‘Orion’ for DEME / GEOSEA



C-Job Naval Architects is proud to be involved with co-creating the concept ship design together with DEME’s subsidiary GeoSea. We congratulate both DEME as COSCO with this ground-breaking vessel that will be able to operate in the most challenging conditions with ever larger capacity turbines and bigger wind farm projects.




C-Job’s new Rotterdam office



C-Job Naval Architects has opened a third office in Rotterdam. Design Director Basjan Faber describes the company’s motivations behind the expansion. Mirroring C-Job’s ambitions for growth, his sights are set for goals even further afield.




Infographic - What we did in 2016



How did it go for C-Job in 2016? Check everything you need to know in this infographic about C-Job, the largest independent ship design & engineering company in the Netherlands projects.




Natural gas: answering your ship design questions



For a ship owner wanting to change to alternative fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), there are so many issues to consider. C-Job has the proven experience to offer assistance to both ship owners and shipyards. What the company has learned from previous projects involving natural gas can be used as a template for future Ship Design and Engineering projects. 




C-Job On-Site in the spotlight



C-Job’s Business Development Manager Art Smits describes the ins and outs of one of C-Job’s additional services: C-Job On-Site. This is when C-Job engineers work at a client’s location to provide tailor-made naval architectural and engineering expertise. “Everything is possible,” Art says. “This flexibility is our strong point.” 




Damen delivers fireboat to Amsterdam Fire Department



The City of Amsterdam Fire Department has taken delivery of its new firefighting vessel: the Jan van der Heyde IV. C-Job Naval Architects provided the concept design for the 17.6-metre vessel. Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld executed detailed design, engineering and vessel construction. 




Texelstroom article in SHIPPAX CFI magazine



This month the double ended ferry Texelstroom is on the front cover of the SHIPPAX CFI Magazine for professionals active in the Ferry, Cruise, RoRo and High Speed industry.

In the ten pages long article, all elements of this innovative and sustainable Wadden Island ferry are discussed.

View the article online.




C-Job BWT Systems



The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention has finally been ratified. From 8 September, 2017 onwards, ships will need to be equipped with type-approved ballast water treatment (BWT) systems. On the one hand, this is expected to create a level playing field with regards to regulations as well as being good news for the environment. On the other hand, the new regulations impose fresh challenges on ship owners and ballast water treatment systems suppliers alike. 




PREVIEW: Flettner Freighter for Switijnk Shipping taking shape



Following increasing political and public attention to sustainable issues – the Paris Climate Agreement and numerous green innovations, for example – the call for change in the maritime industry has never been larger.

C-Job shares the burden for a sustainable future by designing vessels with green tecnhologies embedded into the ship design.




A look inside the new C-Job Office



To more effectively realise our ambitions, C-Job recently moved to new offices. The new premises will better serve the needs of our employees and our growing number of visitors.

Take a look inside our new office. 




C-JOB EXPLAINED: Ship Design Pyramid



C-Job continues to rethink the conventional way of shipbuilding and naval architecture. Our methods have a proven track record in numerous maritime sectors. Dredging, Offshore, Ferry, Inland, Yachting and Heavy Lift, for example. To illustrate how we see the future of innovative ship design, we present the C-Job Design Pyramid.




C-Job Naval Architects designs Flettner Freighter for the Switijnk family



Revolutionary Wind Assisted Propulsion design will be applied to 8,000 DWT General Cargo vessel

The Dutch shipping company family Switijnk has contracted C-Job Naval Architects to develop a Rotor Sail-equipped design to meet their specific loading and sailing profile. The contract follows the substantial media attention for the 4,500 DWT Flettner Freighter (the FF4500) which C-Job Naval Architects developed as part of the European Union Interreg project SAIL.




Accelerating concept design



C-Job is currently researching the possibility to generate Concept Designs in short time spans, with an accurate estimation of weights, building costs and performance. This will boost C-Job’s Ship Design competiveness within the maritime industry.




C-Job moves to new office



As per September 10th C-Job Naval Architects will reside in a new office. This new office fits better with the ambition of C-Job and will better serve the needs of employees and a growing number of visitors. Also this office is better reachable by public transportation. 




Video: Meet the most sustainable CNG-Electric hybrid ferry



Why is the ms Texelstroom unique? What makes it so sustainable?

Check this video and the photogallery. Get inspired by this highly innovative double-ended ROPAX Ferry, the first of her kind. It's clear we can realize ambitions together.




Texelstroom is more cost-efficient, cleaner and more sustainable than all her predecessors



With the knowledge that more people will be going to and from the island combined with the fact that the Schulpengat ferry was up for renewal, the people of Texel focused on a new innovative flag ship back in 2010. The objective; a cost-efficient, clean and sustainable connection between Texel and the main land, sustainable both technologically and with regard to the overall experience, whilst making sure the journey is still affordable. 




Ferry Texelstroom arrived at the Dutch island of Texel



For the first time in history, the new CNG Electric Hybrid RoRo ferry “Texelstroom” arrived at the Dutch island of Texel. The Vessel fitted perfectly in the quay and the car bridge.




15.000 M3 TSHD Co-created by DEME & C-Job Naval Architects



DEME has ordered a 15.000 m3 Multifunctional TSHD which will be built at Royal IHC. C-Job Naval Architects was responsible for the Initial & Concept Design together with Belgium Dredging giant DEME.

The Vessel will be called “Bonny River” and can be typed as the first of a new generation of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers.




Introducing: Marc van der Zwaluw | sr. Project Manager / Lead Naval Architect 



This winter C-Job has strengthened itself by adding Marc van der Zwaluw into their team. Marc has an extensive experience in the Maritime Industry. He studied Marine Technology before starting his career as a Naval Architect at Shipyard De Hoop in Lobith.




C-Job Figured Out



While meeting many new people, and as much new relations are being built, questions about C-Job arise often. As a picture says more than a thousand words, you can find an infographic about C-Job in numbers for the year 2015.
Find out more about the largest independent design & engineering company in the Dutch Maritime Industry.




Building the future of shipbuilding



On January 28, the second NES Symposium took place. This symposium was organized by the SV NES student association for Naval Architecture.

As C-Job is very involved with getting new talent ready for the future challenges in the maritime industry, the event was sponsored by C-Job Naval Architects.




C-Job extends focus abroad



Last period, a team of C-Job seniors have visited multiple future partners in the Middle east, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia to discuss possible cooperation with C-Job Naval Architects. Shipyards, engineering offices and ship owners were contacted at their own location.




Come visit C-Job at the Offshore Energy or Europort Exhibition



Want to talk about what we can do for your vessels, planned new builds or other naval engineering inquiries. Or you just want to enjoy the beauty of our models.

Feel free to meet us at:

Offshore Energy 2015 | 13 & 14 October | Amsterdam RAI | C-Job stand nr. 9.018, hall 9.

Europort 2015 | 3 to 6 November | Ahoy Rotterdam | C-Job stand 7.209, hall 7.




More projects available on our website



As the maritime industry is changing, so is the portal through which many maritime professionals find C-Job Naval Architects on the World Wide Web. That is why C-Job decided to gradually improve their existing website and change the content and looks to be ready for new ship designs and engineering solutions in 2016.




Optimise the use of 6000 hp in a pusher



That was the challenge C-Job Naval Architects had to face. As we were responsible for the basic design (structural/systems engineering and arrangements) and the mission equipment integration of this 6.000 HP pusher for our client the Concordia Group. 





C-Job signs contract with GMS for full engineering of 2nd jack-up vessel



After being successfully involved with the completion of Basic Design and the generation of full Detail Design for systems and outfitting for the S-class jack-up, Gulf Marine Services (GMS) has assigned...




Job Volwater about opportunities in the ferry industry



During this year’s Shippax Ferry Shipping Conference on board of the MS Pride of Rotterdam, Managing Director Job Volwater spoke about “Designing your own Ferry”.

In front of 400 delegates from the Ferry industry, Mr. Volwater spoke about the opportunities of Ferry Operators to change their current approach on defining and designing a new ferry.

Key take-away from the presentation was that real innovation when designing a vessel starts from scratch...




Video: launching TESO’s double-ended RoRo ferry Texelstroom



Watch the launch of the double-ended ferry Texelstroom at LaNaval Shipyard in Bilbao, Spain. The ship will sail between the beautiful Dutch island of Texel and the Dutch mainland (Den Helder) in spring 2016. C-Job generated the Initial, Concept and Basic Design of the vessel. Vripack is responsible for the interior en exterior design. In close cooperation with the owner TESO, we are currently assisting the owner during the building process.



Article: Complex hull shapes need sophisticated assessment



MARIN publishes about their assistance on the validation of the newly developed hopper dredger for Van Oord together with C-Job Naval Architects. 

This article was published in the "MARIN Report" of August 2015 and is written by Luigi Francesco Minerva and Klaas Kooiker.

The picture shows the stern of Van Oord’s TSHD Vox Maxima under construction at IHC Dredgers.



C-Job designs hybrid Flettner freighter



The 5000 DWT Flettner freighter has been developed within the European “S@IL” project. An important outcome of the project is that due to the dependence on trade winds, a 100% sailing vessel without an engine is not economically feasible within the commercial cargo transport sector. Broad research has been done to generate viable alternatives, leading to the model of wind assisted propulsion and hybrid shipping.



Video update of new TESO ferry



The building of the TESO is captured on a video journal . You can follow the progress in this edition of July. The build of the new ferrie runs on schedule at LaNaval shipyard. "The boat is growing every day and the yard is working very hard." said Bert Young Project Manager of Teso.



New Concordia pusher is afloat



We are very proud that another project of C-Job Naval Architects is afloat! C-Job did the Basic Design (Structural/Systems Engineering and Arrangements) and the Equipment integration of this Pusher for the Concordia Group



On-site Project Assistance takes a leap



Recently, C-Job Naval Architects re-launched their On-site Project Assistance activities by making Wietse Bandstra responsible for all their detachment activities.

Wietse says: “At C-Job we recently have received many requests for assistance at the location of our clients”. Due to lack of skillful engineers, people try to find additional solutions. C-Job helps out when there is a need for extra capacity or knowledge on location. Fields we excel at are...



First C-Job Symposium was succes



On the 29th of January the first C-Job Symposium was held in Leeuwarden. The symposium was organized by the local naval architecture study association, in Dutch: SV NES which is short for ‘Studievereniging Navigo Ergo Sum’.






C-Job designs new TSHD full of innovations



We are extremely proud to present our new concept design of a 17,000 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD). The design has been established by an extensive collaboration between Van Oord and C-Job Naval Architects.




  • Accelerated Concept Design

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