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Sustainable designs

Sustainability runs in our blood. We advise our clients on how their ship can be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We know the requirements for this and the techniques demanded to achieve this.

We find sustainability self-evident at C-Job. We personally work in an almost paperless environment. The principle underlying our designs is the functionality required by the client. There are often various possible technical solutions to achieve the same result. In those cases we not only provide advice on technical possibilities but also on the sustainability of the various systems.

Designing a crane ship for Waternet is an example of what C-Job can do when it comes to sustainability. Waternet issued the project of designing a crane ship with zero emission to keep the Amsterdam canals free of waste. The ship is used to move garbage-containing skips and houseboats. C-Job designed a hybrid crane ship with adequate capacity and zero emission to perform all the necessary waste-removal tasks.

C-Job is currently working on a design initiated by the Province of Friesland and performed at European level. The instructions are to examine the technical and economic viability for a sea-going sailing cargo ship. This is an innovative concept for which C-Job has the necessary expertise at its disposal: one of the employees qualified in the subject of sailing cargo ships.





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