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Passion for ships

C-Job believes that advanced shipping designs and high-quality engineering solutions only come about when there is intensive cooperation with the client. Our clients’ successful projects are the criterion for our own success.

You, as client, know what you want and what your ambitions are. We realise those demands and ambitions through our technology. We understand what you want and transform that into a practical design. We advise you on technically advanced and sustainable solutions. That is why we maintain constant contact with you during the entire course of the project: both direct and virtual contact by way of our state-of-the-art software. This enables us to anticipate your questions and take quick action. 

Our extensive track-record shows that we have the correct expertise, knowledge and know-how at our disposal. All projects are afforded optimum drive and resolve. Whether it is a project for an entire ship or for a part of a ship is immaterial.

As client, you can count on C-Job employees’ high-level knowledge. That is why we invest in our people through education, training and the newest tools. Our passion for ships and involvement with the client make us as independent naval architecture and engineering office number one in the maritime industry for both clients and employees alike.



Three of us started and quickly grew into a forty-strong company. But this is controlled growth. We work on this very consciously. We started out in a golden era but the crisis set in soon after we had started. It is during this crisis that we expanded. The people we appointed played an important part in this.

Even as far back as College three enthusiastic naval architects – Klaas Tanis, Basjan Faber and Job Volwater decided to collaborate to make their dream of designing and engineering all types of ships come true.

C-Job has in the meantime developed into a leading naval architecture and engineering office where employees work with perspective, power and passion on any design, draft and calculation services required for shipping.

“Perspective, power and passion. The right people in the right place. That is when you grow but in a way that is always under control."





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